PEDAYAK is a "hands-free" kayak with pedals and propeller, fast, manoeuvring, versatile.
By its design and characteristics, it completely renews the current practice of kayaking. 
Concentrate of innovations, it is the culmination of 10 years of R & D. 
Technical aspects : 
PEDAYAK is an elaborate version of "sit-on-top" kayak. 
It has the same equipments of a real boat while on a restricted space, which are: 
- A high-performance propeller propulsion system 
- A steering system with rudder and rudder Their combination (the rudder is located just behind the propeller) allows 
manoeuvrability and a surprising agility on this type of boat.



Steering stick

Keels and propeller
Mast housing
Location for DUO et PRAO frames
Tubular handles and emergency paddle

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Features :

- 50% faster than an equivalent kayak.
- Allows activities such as strolling, fishing, photography, video, binoculars, etc.
- Can beach (the propeller and rudder are protected), go into very shallow waters (35 cm draught), go backwards 
(retropedalling), turn on site. It is silent.        
- Can bring one or two additionnal light passengers (kids less than 30 kg).
- Has 2 bottle and can holders, GPS holder, empty pockets, front and rear storage bins. 
- Can be equipped for fishing with additionnal pockets, fishing rod holders, a soundeur.
- Can be used in pairs, such as a catamaran in versions DUP or PRAO, with an intermediate removable structure, allowing 
sunbathing, bringing children, or taking diving equipment, bivouacs, etc.